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Budget Referendum:

Budget Referendum #1
Unofficial Results:  
Yes: 453   No: 502
Budget Failed.

DRAFT MS4 Stormwater Report :

The DRAFT  MS4 General Permit 2023 Annual Report is available here.

Tax Enforcement


  • Inability to register your motor vehicles at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Cash, money order or *credit card will be the only accepted means for the payment of taxes when an immediate release is needed. ALL MOTOR VEHICLE TAXES OWED in the name of the registrant will need to be paid in full to obtain a release and not just the car that needs to be registered. *Additional fees will be added to credit card payments.

  • Demand may be issued. If you receive a demand on your account(s) please call us immediately to rectify your delinquency.  Demands may be made because of the amount owed, multiple or older years owed, the payments being made are inconsistent or insufficient.  Please do not ignore a demand notice.  The Tax Collector will pursue other ways of collecting your tax debt if it is.

  • Collections: The Town of Bolton is under contract with TaxServ Capital services for the collection of some of the Town’s delinquent taxes.  If your account was sent to TaxServ, you MUST call them to discuss your account and arrange payment at 860-724-9100.  There will be additional fees added to your account(s).

  • Bank Garnishment or Wage Garnishment

  • Tax Sale/Foreclosure Your account will be flagged for Tax Sale if your account(s) is over $15,000 behind in taxes and/or there are 3 years owed on the property. The accounts will be turned over to an Attorney and payment must be made in full plus the costs incurred to keep it from the sale.  For more information on Tax sales and properties -  http://cttaxsales.com/

  • Inability to obtain any type of permit issued by our Land Use Office in the event taxes are not paid on the property requiring the permit.

  • Any other allowable means