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Cooling Stations to Open This Tuesday, June 18th :

Hot and humid weather will move into our area Tuesday, June 18th and is expected to go through the weekend.          
For Locations and times click here.

DRAFT MS4 Stormwater Report :

The DRAFT  MS4 General Permit 2023 Annual Report is available here.

Open Burn Permits

While open burning is permitted as a method to dispose of brush there are rules to be followed. The rules are in place for health and safety reasons as burning can impact air quality and pose a risk for uncontrolled fires that can have a negative impact on both natural resources and man made structures.

If you are considering burning as a method to dispose of brush here is some additional information as a place to get started.

First, open burning always requires a permit. The form may be obtained below (online) or at Town Hall from the office of the Town Administrative Officer. (Permit applications are usually approved within 48-72 hours and come with additional instructions).

Most often the Burning Official inspects the brush to be burned with respect to contents and location. Burn piles should be located away from structures and may only contain shrubbery, vegetation or pruning's which may not exceed 3” at the largest end.

Burning may not be used as a method to clear land, burn leaves, household trash or construction debris. A garden hose or other source of water is needed for controlling the fire intensity and wetting down the area after the burn. Burn piles must be attended at all times by an adult.

Additional information for open burning and recreational camp fires is available on the CT DEEP website.

Instructions for submitting an OPEN BURNING PERMIT:

  • YOU MUST BE THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY TO OBTAIN A PERMIT AND BURN. If you are a tenant at the property you will NOT be issued a permit.
  • Print form below
  • Fill out top section of form only! 
  • Submit form to Town Administrator's Office at Town Hall (Attn: Kathy McCavanagh) or email to kmccavanagh@boltonct.gov.
  • The Town Burning Official will then visit the property to approve or deny your permit within 48-72 hours.